GLIC Daily Report Series 1.10

1.                  Deadly fire decimates wedding party in northern Iraq At least 113 people were killed and more than 150 were injured when a fire broke out during a wedding at an event...

GLIC Daily Report Series 1.9

Nationwide blackout across Nigeria after power grid collapse   (Electricity) “A total system collapse” has resulted in widespread power blackouts across Nigeria, Africa’s biggest economy. The outage on Thursday affected all of Nigeria’s 36 states and its...

GLIC Daily Report Series 1.8

Flooding death toll soars to 11,300 in Libya’s coastal city of Derna The death toll in Libya’s coastal city of Derna has soared to 11,300 as search efforts continue following a massive flood fed by the breaching of two dams in heavy rains, the Libyan Red Crescent...
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