African Politics and Integration

Since independence in 1960, Africa has featured prominently in Nigeria’s foreign policy, commanding attention in several respects.

The nation has also invested enormous resources on African issues be it national liberation struggle, anti apartheid campaigns, peacekeeping, conflict resolution, regional integration and the issue of socio-economic and political development of the continent.

In the new millennium, the concern for African progress has been broaden against the background of globalization to include institution capacity building on the continent, the pursuit of African renaissance, the protection of Africa’s interest as Africa now remains the last frontier for huge solid minerals, hydro-carbon and agricultural resources.

Accordingly, the philosophy driving the division of African Politics and Integration underscores the need for deeper understanding of African affairs, the socio-economic and political conditions of African states and their peoples. The division also carries out studies on various interactions and exchanges among African states and peoples. It monitors and studies the working of various institutions and organizations, African intra-state organizations, regional integration schemes and the relations of Africa with the wider world, including the African Diaspora, whose economic importance can no longer be ignored, considering the huge remittances it makes to the homeland.

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