Research & Studies

The Director-General is the Chief Research and Chief Executive Officer of the Institute

The Department is the nerve centre of the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs charged with the development and execution of primary and secondary research projects of the Institute. In the fulfilment of its mandate, the Department organizes conferences, seminars, symposia and lectures for the enlightenment of the general public. The Department coordinates the research activities through its five divisions:

  • The Division of International Politics
  • Division of International Law and Organisations
  • Division of International Economic Relationss
  • Division of Security and Strategic Studies
  • The Division of African Politics and Integration

African Politics & Integration

Since independence in 1960, Africa has featured prominently in Nigeria’s foreign policy.

Security & Strategic Studies

The Division of Security and Strategic Studies was established to provide informed policy advice to government and enlightenment to the public on security and defense matters

International Economic Relation

This division is concerned with today’s daunting problems of underdevelopment, debt ..

International Laws & Organisations

One dimension of the Division’s research focus is international law, which in its classical sense is understood as a collection of rules governing relations between states.

International Politics

Fundamentally, underlying international politics is the matter of power and the use of power. The exercise of power in the international arena generates some dynamics