International Law and Organisations

One dimension of the Division’s research focus is international law, which in its classical sense is understood as a collection of rules governing relations between states.

In its broadest sense international law provides normative guidelines as well as methods, mechanisms and a common conceptual language for international actors.

 Thus, in addition to traditional issues pertaining to war, peace and diplomacy, the Division also focuses on questions of human rights, as well as economic and trade issues. 

The other dimension of the Division, international organizations, is one of the sources and actors of international law. Alongside nation-states, international organizations are major actors in the international system.

Their vast numbers and functional diversity ensure that they focus upon virtually every issue of international significance. In addition, they are key players in structuring international relations.

The Division of International Law and Organizations also examines the roles of international organizations with particular respect to issues that are of importance to Nigeria and the continent of Africa.

Institutions that have provided sustained frameworks for the conduct of Nigeria’s multilateral diplomacy such as the United Nations, African Union, Economic Community of West African States and the Commonwealth have been areas of continuous research efforts.

Globalisation, international economic relations, multilateralism in world affairs, inter-state border disputes and the continuing concern for conflict resolution and peace-building are also areas of research interest of the Division.

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