Mission Statements

The Nigerian Institute of International Affairs Act of 1971 (CAP. 311) establishing the Institute states its objectives as follows:

  • To encourage and facilitate the understanding of international affairs and of the circumstances, conditions and attitudes of foreign countries and their peoples;
  • To provide and maintain means of information upon international questions and promote the study and investigation of international questions by means of conferences, lectures and discussions, and by the preparation and publication of books, records, reports, or otherwise as may seem desirable so as to develop a body of informed opinion on world affairs;
  • To establish contacts with other organizations with similar objects

To achieve the above objectives, the Institute is charged with promoting the scientific study of international politics, economics and jurisprudence. The Institute is also mandated to:

  • Promote and encourage the study of and research into all aspects of international affairs;
  • Provide such information to the Government of the Federation and members of the public as respects matters concerning international relations;
  • From time to time arrange international seminars and conferences on any matter relating to its objects;
  • Provide facilities for training of Nigerian diplomats and personnel and those of other countries whose vocations relate to international affairs;
  • Promote and undertake such other things and to carry out such other activities as may in the opinion of the Institute be deemed necessary for the attainment of the objects of the Institute.
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