GLIC Daily Report Series 1.22
UN chief warns climate chaos and food crises threaten global peace: ‘Empty bellies fuel
The United Nations chief warned Tuesday that climate chaos and food crises are increasing
threats to global peace, telling a high-level U.N. meeting that climate disasters imperil food
production and “empty bellies fuel unrest.” Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged the U.N.
Security Council to address the impact of food shortages and rising temperatures on international
peace and security — a view echoed by many countries but not Russia.
bal-peace-empty-bellies-fuel-unrest February 16, 2024.
Heat Stress To Persist In Coming Days, Says NiMET
The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMET) has said that announced that the excessive heat
being experienced in the country presently would remain s
Channels News:
February 16, 2024.
Senegal: Delay of Feb. 25 presidential election ruled illegal by constitutional court
Senegal’s top election authority on Thursday voided the government’s postponement of a
presidential election scheduled for Feb. 25 and its rescheduling for December, ruling that the
moves were unconstitutional. Senegal’s Constitutional Council cancelled the decree signed by
President Macky Sall that postponed the election, according to a judgement approved by seven
members of the body
African News:
February 16, 2024
Mali, Niger and Burkina-Faso plan to form new confederation after Ecowas exit
The junta-led Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger have disclosed a plan to establish a confederation
that will deepen their ties following their exit from the regional bloc. According to the statement
issued by the Malian foreign ministry on Thursday, the three countries would form the Alliance
of Sahel States (AES). The three neigbouring countries in the Sahel region announced in January
they would quit the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), despite a decision
by the bloc urging them to rethink. According to Reuters, the three ministers from the countries
at a meeting in the Burkinabe capital Ouagadougou, confirmed a joint commitment to withdraw
from ECOWAS without delay. They “reaffirmed their commitment to advancing resolutely in the
process of implementing the AES and creating the Tri-State Confederation,” the Malian foreign
ministry said in an online post. The group has not revealed details on how the proposed
confederation would operate or on how closely they plan to align political, economic, and
security interests. One of the mishaps in the three countries is their struggle to contain an
epidemic battle with Islamist insurgents that has destabilised the region. In November 2023, their
finance ministers said they would weigh the option of establishing a monetary union and top
officials from all three countries have, to varying degrees, voiced support for abandoning West
Africa’s CFA franc common currency. The juntas have all severed long-standing military ties
with former colonial ruler France, dealing a blow to France’s influence in the Sahel and
complicating international efforts to fight the militants linked to al Qaeda and Islamic State.
-after-ecowas-exit/ February 16, 2024.
Political (Taiwan)
A Month After Taiwan’s Election, Cross-Strait Tensions Continue to Simmer
From sending balloons over Taiwan to forcing a scheduled sports competition to relocate, China
has been upping the pressure. China was, unsurprisingly, quick to denounce Lai’s victory,
continuing to frame him as a dangerous cross-strait provocateur. At the same time, analysts noted
that China’s Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) emphasized that the Chinese government would work
with supportive political parties and other groups in Taiwan in the wake of the Lai victory.
However, China has set records in the past week with the number of balloons sent over Taiwan,
with a record eight balloons detected on February 11 alone and more than 80 balloons detected in
the last two months.
The Diplomat: A Month After Taiwan’s Election, Cross-Strait Tensions Continue to Simmer
February 16, 2024.
Rebels attack a gold mine in eastern Congo, killing at least 12 people
At least a dozen people have been killed and 16 others kidnapped by rebels at a mining site in
eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, a civil society organization said Thursday. Rebels from
the CODECO armed group attacked a gold mine on Wednesday near the Djugu district of Ituri
province, said Vital Tungulo, director of Mabendi, a local rights group. “We are outraged by this
enemy attack,” he said. Violence has intensified in eastern DRC, where conflicts have erupted
for decades. More than 120 armed groups clash in the region, most over land and control of
mines containing valuable minerals, while some groups try to protect their communities.
African News
ast-12-people/ February 16, 2024.
Security (China/Tiwan)
Southeast Asia’s Taiwan Scenario Stakes Go Far Beyond US-China Competition
One component of the discourse around the U.S.-China competition and Southeast Asia has been
the region’s role in a future Taiwan contingency. Much of the focus has centered around how
individual states would respond to particular scenarios relative to Beijing or Washington. Though
this is a key aspect of potential responses, it also belies the wider stakes for Southeast Asia in a
Taiwan contingency and the wider range of actions and responses that the region and other
relevant and interested partners would need to consider. Though Southeast Asian states maintain
versions of their own One China policies, there have long been economic links that were
subsequently deepened through Taiwan’s Go South policies in the 1990s up to the New
Southbound Policy under the tenure of Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen from 2016 to 2024.
Taiwan has also continued to loom large in geopolitical conversations around Southeast Asia by
virtue of its geography and strategic significance.
The Diplomat: Southeast Asia’s Taiwan Scenario Stakes Go Far Beyond US-China Competition
February 16, 2024.
Security (China/India)
India beefed-up naval presence
India has deployed a beefed-up naval presence to the western Indian Ocean in response to threats
to global shipping. China is not happy about it.
The Diplomat:
ls-amid-the-red-sea-crisis/ February 16, 2024.

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