1. Three Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in occupied West Bank (Middle East)

Three Palestinians have been shot dead by the Israeli military in the northern occupied West Bank, the latest deaths in a surge of violence in the territory since early last year.

Al Jazeera: “Three Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in occupied West Bank”, Accessed: 25th July, 2023.

2. Republic of Niger soldiers declares end to existing democratic regime (Sahel)

A group of soldiers in Niger declared they have removed President Mohamed Bazoum from power, after armed troops blockaded the presidential palace in Niamey. A group of soldiers appeared on the west African country’s national television late on Wednesday, a few hours after the president had been detained. The group of soldiers further announced closure of the country’s borders, and all institutions of the republic suspended, accompanied by a national curfew. The soldiers warned against any foreign intervention. The apparent coup was said to be led by the head of a regional political and security group.

The Guardian UK Newspaper: “Republic of Niger soldiers declare end to existing democratic regime”, Accessed: 26th July, 2023.

3. Mali abandons French as an official language as part of decolonization (Sahel)

Despite the fact that Mali gained its independence from France in 1960, the French language remained Mali’s official language until the new constitution was passed earlier on 22nd , July 2023. The new constitution was put into effect by Mali’s junta leader Col. Assimi Goita, marking, according to a Presidential statement, the beginning of the Fourth Republic in the West African country. Significantly, the new constitution passed overwhelmingly, with 96.91% of the votes during a referendum conducted earlier last month on June 18, 2023. According to the new constitution, French will serve as a working language from here on out, while the 13 national languages spoken across the countries will receive official language status.

Al Mayadeen News: “Mali abandons French as an official language as part of decolonization” Accessed: 26th July, 2023.

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