Happening now at the conference chamber of the NIIA is one of its Distinguished Lecture Series… This time around, the NIIA is playing host to His Highness Muhammad Sanusi II, CON 14th Emir of Kano and Grand Khalifa Tijaniyya of Nigeria.

The revered 14th Emir is doing justice to the topic: ”Resetting the Nigerian Economy for a Brighter Future”. His Highness is taking his time to dissect some of the bad policies Nigeria made in the past and how it gravely affected our commonwealth. He posited that while Nigeria does not have enough oil to get rich, it has more than enough to incentivize bad policies and rent-seeking behaviors. He further explained that “over the medium term, Nigeria needs to think about transitioning towards cleaner and lower costs forms of transport”.

The DG of the NIIA, Prof Eghosa Osaghae while giving his welcome remarks, welcomed the guest lecturer and declared the lecture opened.

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