The head political and general Affairs section of the Embassy of Japan in Nigeria, Mr. Shunsuke Ono on the 8 May, 2017, made a courtesy visit to the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA). Mr. Ono was received by the Director of Research and Studies, Professor Ogaba Oche sitting in for the Director General at the Institute’s Conference Chamber. The visitor had earlier interacted with the research fellows of the institute and their specialities and also the activities of the political and general section of the Embassy of Japan. He said he had   been in Nigeria for almost two(2) years and that he was aware of the activities of the NIIA especially in hosting some major conferences, dialogues  as well as Diplomatic /Ambassadorial briefings.

Mr. Ono spoke on some global issues, such as the outcome of  the election of U.S.A President Donald Trump, Japan bilateral relations with USA, Japan-USA common security alliances; he also spoke on efforts towards bringing back USA to T.P.P. The North –China Sea dispute, the nuclear     threat of North Korea as well as the relations between South Korea, China, Japan and the USA. He made emphasis on the peaceful role Japan is playing in the region to avoid the escalation of tension in the region.

On the Japan level of investment in Africa and particularly in Nigeria, although Mr. Ono admitted that, Japan investment in Nigeria is very low compared to some other African countries like South Africa and Egypt. This he attributed to the lack of secure business environment in Nigerian and therefore Japanese companies are conscious of coming to invest in Nigeria. He  also said that, in Nigeria Japan is involved  in grass roots assistance programme under the educational and cultural exchange programme, it involve building of schools, bridges as well as hospitals  and that every year the Japanese government sponsors  ten(10) Nigerians to study in Japan although at post-graduate level. Mr. Ono commended the robust and solid participation of Nigeria in United Nations peace keeping programmes. The interaction came to an end with the vote of thanks by the Director of Research and Studies.

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